Jane Austen

Lady Susan - The Watsons



LADY SUSAN & THE WATSONS - LADY SUSAN: This epistolary novel, written by Austen in 1794, narrates the main character’s, the recently widowed Lady Susan, plans to find her and her young daughter a new husband. Austen uses this genre to build a work where the different letters are set like pieces of a puzzle until it completes before the eye of the reader. This novel subverts every norm of the romantic genre: Lady Susan has a leading role, she is not only beautiful but also smart and clever, and all her suitors are significantly younger than her. THE WATSONS: When Emma Watson attends her first ball, her beauty and naivety will make all eyes focus on her. Is that what happiness is for a young girl in Victorian England? Austen makes this novel a place for her to talk about the condition of women and their limited role, as well as the lack of their own resources, in this period’s society.


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